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Dance Alchemy



with Maneesha McClure on Zoom


Every First Saturday – 10am Phoenix


Each class starts with FUN – a free-dance warmup. Then a transforming Dance Alchemy process, to bring love and allowing to the uncomfortable feelings and energies that are coming up in your life now, followed by a heart meditation and optional sharing.

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This is truly a gift of peace – respite from the frenzy of thoughts , worries and feelings of helplessness.” – Joanne


Upcoming Events:

Dance Alchemy Monthly Laboratory

July 28 🌈 LAUNCH💃🏻

Pre-requisite: One Part of the Dance Alchemy Training or any online or in person 2-5 day workshop – I am launching a program where all those who have done any part of a training, or a full workshop, can do ongoing practice with the alchemy of transformation, using situations that you face in daily life that are uncomfor…Read more and register…

Dance Alchemy Training Part III in person (live!)

October 4 – October 13, 2024

Prerequisites: Dance Alchemy Training Part I and Part II After Part II – healing of the past, connection to your essential gifts, expansion of creativity and then a deepening understanding of the body, nervous system, alchemy in daily life and…Read more and register…

Dance Alchemy Training Part II in person (live!)

December 6 – December 15, 2024

After the deep opening, healing and attitude shift of the transformation process as you moved through each area of life in the seven chakras exploration in Part I, you are prepared for the second part of the training.Read more and register…Read more and register…

the Inner Dance

Welcome to Dance Alchemy

Dance Alchemy is a powerful transformational process using dance, expression, self-acceptance and meditation. Energies and emotions are held in the body because of conditioning. When we express these through the body, we have the possibility instead to live our emotions and energies as they are, which in itself brings joy. In a climate of acceptance and non-judging presence, these emotions transform and reveal their essential qualities; deeper sensitivities, greater understanding, new strengths. We are no longer divided against ourselves. The resulting feeling of wholeness and happiness opens the door inside of us to connect with our authentic being.

This is the alchemy of transformation.

Dance Alchemy Workshops

Workshops are 3-5 day events, focused on different aspects of Dance Alchemy. They take place at various locations in the world. Due to covid-19 they are now also taught online.  Check the events calendar for locations and schedules.

Dance Alchemy Teacher Training

To have a full certification to practice Dance Alchemy you need to complete 3 parts of the training. Participants will move through an intensive process learning to work with the Alchemy in their personal lives, and be prepared to begin offering practice sessions after the first module if they so choose. You are supported with online meetings after Part I and a supervised internship after Part II, for those who want to practice and get experience giving sessions, classes or workshops. They will have full certification after the Teacher Training.

Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions in Dance Alchemy are offered in person or via skype.

These sessions may contain a combination of modalities: movement, somatic experiencing trauma healing, childhood development work, energy work, and therapeutic touch.


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What Participants Say

Endless thanks for your joy of living, for your passion and for the love you have unconditionally given to us all.

Just wanted to reach out and express gratitude for the workshop. You gave me access to a life of feeling which is a priceless gift. There is a fear that I will lose this understanding but now I know I can dance through that also.

C. P. Participant Emotional Intelligence I
Ultimately it’s up to the individual to do the work for healing, but being part of this group gave me the courage, power and opportunity to look deeply within.
Maneesha was a tremendous guide throughout this entire process. She really threw her heart and soul into this journey! Through the parameters of intensity, emotion and awareness I was able to uncover deeply held beliefs and understand old patterns. This was an experience unlike any other I’ve had through meditation. I consider myself fortunate to have been part of this group. Can’t wait for the next adventure with her!
Colin Participant Dance Energy Teachers Training
Endless thanks for your joy of living, for your passion and for the love you have unconditionally given to us all.

For me the groups “The Power of the Heart” and “The Body Remembers”, indispensable from each other, have represented the most true, clear and deep meaning of the Alchemy of Transformation, when the caterpillar becomes the butterfly.

Dhyan Shakti, Italy Participant "The Power of the Heart"
I have had many a special experience in theses classes. Maneesha embodies her life’s work… sharing the heights and depths, the fun and seriousness, the individuality and comradery of movement and music. She leads us on a journey to our own being. She herself is so relaxed and likable, each person feels welcomed and safe. Having done this for so many years, Maneesha taps a well of creativity in creating new ways to attend to our inner life… how to hold it, observe it, give it a voice. I not only get to run around and have fun, I get to heal.
Leah G., USA Participant Dance Class Sedona
I loved Maneesha’s group on Dancing Beyond Boundaries. We explored the different energies of each chakra, really embodying different aspects of our vital energy as it moves through the different chakra centers. It is a really transformative experiential journey actually.
It is clear that Maneesha has a wealth of practical wisdom that comes from years of her own experience in the field of dance and transformation. I learned a lot and look forward to continuing the journey with her! And I recommend this work to anyone who wants to get in touch with themselves.
Moss, Canada Participant "Dancing Beyond Boundaries"
Maneesha has an excellent talent to guide us to feel our heart. She is guiding us with her sensitive voice and inspiring energy to let our heart space to expand and to dance freely.
I disappeared into the dance and enjoyed it fully. Thanks to her training of Dance Alchemy I have learned the precious gift to transform “negative” energies through dancing.
Chintana Seppa, Finland Participant workshops and Dance Alchemy Training parts 1, 2 and Advanced

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