Dance Alchemy Training Part I

This training will be held April 10-19, 2020, in Italy

Dance Alchemy is a powerful transformational process using dance, expression, self-acceptance and meditations. Energies and emotions are held in the body because of conditioning. When we express these through the body, we have the possibility instead to live our emotions and energies as they are, which in itself brings joy. In a climate of acceptance and non-judging presence, these emotions transform and reveal their essential qualities; deeper sensitivities, greater understanding, new strengths. We are no longer divided against ourselves. The resulting feeling of wholeness and happiness opens the door inside of us to connect with our authentic being.
This is the alchemy of transformation. 

In Part 1 of this training we explore the 3 elements of the alchemy of transformation:

The Heart

We move deeply into the heart center. Strengthening the heart increases our ability to be present to energies and feelings as they manifest in the physical and energetic bodies, with love and acceptance. It opens more relaxation, trust and sense of the beauty in life.


We then explore our aliveness, fire, intensity, and the past experiences or beliefs may be in the way of being fully alive. The degree to which we can live something totally is the degree to which it transforms and becomes a gift. Totality moves stagnant energy.


We learn to be present to energy. This witnessing brings a vertical dimension, that integrates the moving energy into the body-mind system, and takes us into the depth and height of our inner being.

Once we know how to work with this alchemy, we have become energy magicians.

Then we will explore the energies of the first 5 chakras, bringing this alchemy to issues we may have in the related areas of life.

1st chakra: body, health, survival, money, vitality.
2nd chakra: emotional sensitivity, relating, sensuality, ability to nourish.
3rd chakra: power, strength, being oneself, courage, self respect.
4th chakra: self love, acceptance, compassion, space, caring.
5th chakra: creativity, risk-taking, possibility, dissolving limiting beliefs.

Now we increased our movement vocabulary, expanded our ability to communicate and create through movement.

The training Part I offers you techniques for:

increasing movement vocabulary and ability to communicate and create
understanding and transforming negative emotions
increasing self-love and acceptance
staying centered
relating more deeply
freeing their body from restrictive energetic patterns of holding
• feeling more joy
• deepening meditation
• understanding the 7 chakra/subtle body system and how that is helpful
• working with personal issues through Dance Alchemy

This training will be held April 10-19, 2020, in Italy

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