Individual Sessions

The emotional and energetic transformation possible in Dance Alchemy can also happen in an individual therapy session which works with issues in our lives. These sessions are offered in person or in some cases via Skype, and can contain a combination of body-based therapy modalities: talking with somatic experiencing, touch, movement, energy work. They can take place in Sedona, USA, or before and after the workshops and trainings Maneesha facilitates throughout the world.

Somatic Trauma Healing

The present COVID-19 crisis has not only brought fear about our physical and financial safety, but has thrown many of us into situations that bring up unresolved emotional traumas from the past.  This puts pressure on families, couples and individuals. We are all challenged in one way or another right now.  Somatic Trauma Healing sessions can support us to turn this crisis into an opportunity for healing, instead of letting things get worse. These sessions give us grounding, step by step resolution, some moments of peace, and new ways to become resilient in the face of change.

Emotional Intelligence

In this session we look at the issues or situations causing stress, worry, pain, and find the underlying feelings that we are not aware of. Simply by exploring the feelings that are moving within you, acceptance and love can arise, and one can become resilient enough to navigate the challenges of life with understanding, centeredness, empathy and love.

Resolving the Past

This special process helps you to get to the root in early life of an issue that is affecting your health, happiness, relationships and well-being, and actually resolve events, misunderstandings and negative beliefs formed in childhood, so a new way of living can begin.

Healing Hypnosis

As you enjoy a restful guided relaxation, the old triggers and false beliefs are disconnected and the strength of your own unconscious mind is connected with new, positive possibilities.

Body Intelligence

The upbringing of our society has cut us off from the intelligence and natural healing power within our bodies. Simply moving into the body brings us in touch with our truth – the truth of our feelings, and when acknowledged and released, the truth of our soul and its’ beauty.

In this session you receive a relaxing massage, and a loving exploration of what the body is saying to you. This releases held emotions, gives insight into new possibilities, and invites positive feelings to emerge and expand. You may choose to address a particular issue, or simply open to whatever is revealed during the session. We end with a deeply relaxing cranio-sacral stillness hold, letting you rest and integrate the new into your body, mind and heart.


“I decided to spend my 30th birthday in Sedona by myself doing spiritual healing work… When arriving in Sedona I was prepared to find myself and my “new purpose or direction”, and had no idea my trip would take such an emotional and much needed turn. I met Maneesha my first day doing spiritual work, and she was able to pick up on unresolved feelings deep inside of me that I did not even know existed. Through completing Resolving the Past and Emotional Counseling with her I was able to heal my past, restore my present, and prepare for my destined future. Maneesha is absolutely amazing, extremely talented, and great at what she does. I can honestly say my trip would not have made it’s necessary twist of direction had she not encouraged me to look deep within myself, and for that I am forever grateful. Her words of expertise truly aided in my healing, and set me onto a new path a new direction of my own, and paved the pathway for all healing that occurred in Sedona thereafter. I will definitely be returning to Sedona for additional work with Maneesha, as well as partaking in Skyping sessions while in NY. I highly recommend her to any and everyone vacationing or residing in Sedona, or that needs any type of spiritual healing. She is a true blessing and an angel of light and love!”

Amanda P.

I saw Maneesha about a month ago and she helped me to release so much emotional pain. She’s super intuitive and cued right into what I needed within minutes. She made extra time for me and I felt so comfortable around her. I’d definitely go to her again and recommend her to friends. Thank you Maneesha!

Andrea C.
Truckee, CA