Emotional Intelligence I

Life is a poetry, not a problem. If you are like most of us, you have learned in life that your feelings are a problem, something to worry about. Denying emotions causes anxiety, creates a split inside you which makes you weaker. When you awaken your emotional aliveness, and reconnect with the natural flow of emotions and sensitivity, it becomes a poetry again. Then, feeling ability becomes a strength – rather than something wrong, to be hidden, avoided or judged.

Only then can you enjoy intimate moments of relating, renewed creativity, and feeling content and fulfilled in yourself. Only then will you grow trust in your intuition, in yourself, and in life. In the safe, loving atmosphere of this dance alchemy process you can heal, become more centered, joyous and alive. You will identify the negative messages you have received about your emotionality, and unwind the painful emotional patterns that have haunted your life.You will also have the chance to get individual attention and to share and work one to one and in small groups, as well as all together. You will receive tools to transform difficult moments, and to communicate in a constructive way. In these increasingly uncertain times, these tools are essential for resilience in the face of change.

Emotional Intelligence II

Emotional Intelligence II focuses on how to bring the newfound emotional intelligence into your daily life and relationships. After the exploration of the negative conditioning from the past in Emotional Intelligence I, you will continue the unwinding of old emotional patterns, strengthening acceptance and trust in your feelings, and enjoying feeling more alive. Now you will learn ways to stay connected with your sensitivity and self-love, even as you face the challenges of life and relating. For example; if you discovered a fear of being rejected if you are vulnerable, how does that affect your relationships? Or; if you discovered that you are afraid to say no, be assertive or stand up for yourself how does that impact a relationship or job?

Through the inner work of Dance Alchemy, the workshop will focus on creating new pathways in the body/feelings/brain to experience these emotions, so we have the choice to respond in a new way, instead of react, create openings instead of walls. You will learn to discriminate when and how to express feelings, and techniques for loving, creative communication and healthy boundaries.You will receive and practice playful tools to bring into life, and use in these situations to open more lightness, joy, possibilities.

Prerequisite: Emotional Intelligence I. If you have not attended Emotional Intelligence I, there is an option to participate from the workshop recordings, and then be eligible to join Emotional Intelligence II. Please email your request to: Maneesha@dancealchemy.us


Dance – the Alchemy of Celebration

Through dance and meditation we explore the profound alchemy that happens when we bring the heart, dance expression, silence – and the magic of celebration –  to whatever is happening inside of us. In the workshop, with the deep love we discover in the heart, we learn the art of welcoming our challenges with YES, rather than seeing them as ‘problems’. Through this alchemy we will work with issues and feelings that are there in our lives, facing them in a new way that transforms our energies.

Being Yourself –
Dance, the Joy of Rebellion

Through Dance Alchemy, we find the roots in the physical and emotional body of the voices of conditioning that tell us how to be and not to be – and keep us small and afraid. In this group we unearth and question the limiting ideas of how we should be. Facing them, and expressing the life energy held within them as it is, allows the false to be burned away. As we dance the life energy that is our birthright, we can begin to relax into being ourselves – just the way we are right now.


The Power of the Heart

Discovering the transforming power of the heart can truly change your life. Understanding the heart, and the secrets of inner alchemy you will experience in this workshop give you tools for responding to life intelligently, and transforming darkness and difficulty into growth, and a blessing.

In this group you will enter the heart and allow its’ wisdom to be revealed. Through heart meditations, dance alchemy, breath, celebration, loving communication, guided sensory exercises and many surprises we move deeper and deeper into the acceptance and vastness of the heart center. 

In a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere, you can let the heart transform you, learn how you can approach life situations differently, and enjoy an inner journey to the beauty and peace deep within you. You will have the chance to get individual attention and to share and work one to one and in small groups, as well as all together.

You will receive tools for staying grounded, present and loving yourself in day to day life. In these increasingly uncertain times, these tools are essential for resilience in the face of change.

I am very happy to share the alchemy of the heart with you. This work has definitely changed my life.

The Body Remembers

Releasing Trauma through Dance Alchemy

We human beings live in a body-mind system that is deeply complex, sensitive and interconnected – what happens mentally and emotionally is also imprinted in our body memory, which involves the brain, the nervous system and the unconscious mind. Our system has the innate ability to heal itself when there is a painful incident or situation. For many of us, our movement and expression has been inhibited in the way we grew up, so that natural capacity cannot function. So, even if we have understood a certain feeling or pattern, we may still be reacting not to the present reality, but to a past traumatic event or situation, and this even may reinforce the original trauma. This creates pain and suffering. This can reinforce the original trauma, and create more pain and suffering.
Through Dance Alchemy, we begin to let the body speak, unwinding it’s tensions and traumas in a safe, loving atmosphere. The process of unwinding the body allows the body to come back to it’s own natural healing capacity. Through group processes, including loving touch, somatic exercises, and healing hypnosis we deepen the healing and find new creative possibilities. We no longer have to react helplessly, but have a chance to learn the joy of responding to life.

the Body Remembers

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