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Love and Space

August 18, 2023 - August 23, 2023

Love and Space

Do you have difficulty saying no? Or do you have difficulty saying yes? What are “healthy boundaries?”

Through inner inquiry, somatic exploration and dance, you can shine light on this painful issue, and through dance alchemy, a transformative process, heal the wounds that have caused it!

The need for safety, autonomy and personal space are just as important in us as the need for closeness, nourishment, and love with others. In childhood many of us had painful situations; for example our boundaries invaded, threatened or ignored so that we had to protect our space so strongly that it became difficult to open and receive nourishment. Or we were neglected or rejected, so had to compromise our need for space, in order to get what we needed to survive.

In these or other situations, many of us have stopped listening to the body’s “no” messages, or to it’s “yes” messages, and override our own boundaries or starve our own needs, even though now as adults that is no longer necessary, and creates havoc with our romantic, friend and work relationships.

Learn to transform fears from the past, understand boundaries and needs, and discover new possibilities, and the fulfillment of having boundaries that are clear, strong, yet flexible

Comments from participants in Love and Space Workshop

“The group has been a great kickstarter for me to dive deeper in the root causes of my relationship dynamics and how they express somatically. I had powerful insights within and after the workshop.”

– Emilie Lindsten

“I would like to share that after the Needs and Boundaries workshop, I have moved a lot. Thank you for providing this session as a dance alchemy experience. It was simply fantastic collective alchemy.
My overall review is:
Maneesha’s alchemy expertise has improved my life to a great extent. She has a profound understanding of her work, is very attuned to each participant, and is incredibly gifted to move energy. She was there for me in my darkest moments to shine her love and light to uncover my truths. I specifically honored her nurturing motherly approach to my most sensitive parts. Maneesha has this phenomenal way to open hearts and lead us through a process of deep and lasting connection not only with ourselves but also with the external. The loyalty to her work spreads to all and is very inspiring to do further inner work.
Maneesha, thank you forever. You have helped me open up my heart and a world to me. Thank you for your supportive guidance.”

– Linda Biros

“In this workshop I gained a deeper body understanding about my needs and how I react to them when I interact with other people. It is much more than learning to say ‘no’! I saw where my needs come from and how healthy they actually are. I also see now how I can change my habit into a way that I feel happy about when I interact with others. This workshop was a beautiful way of getting more clarity and understanding!”

– Shola Maaike


August 18, 2023
August 23, 2023


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