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The Body Remembers

October 4 - October 7

The Body Remembers

The Body Remembers – Releasing Trauma through Dance Alchemy

The first weekend og the Part III of the Training

Our human body-mind system is deeply complex, sensitive and interconnected; what happens mentally and emotionally is also imprinted in our body memory, which involves the brain, the nervous system and the unconscious mind. If we have grown up in a way that allowed our body it’s natural impulses and expression, it can heal itself when there is a painful incident or situation.

For many of us, this natural expression has been repressed as we grew up, so that natural capacity to self-heal has been cut off. So, though we may have understood a certain feeling or pattern that we have, we may still be reacting in life situations now, in a way that is triggered by a past traumatic event or situation, not by the reality here and now, even sometimes re-creating the original trauma. This creates pain and suffering.

Through Dance Alchemy, we begin to let the body speak, unwinding it’s tensions and traumas in a safe, loving atmosphere. The process of unwinding the body allows the body to come back to it’s own natural healing capacity, which has been cut off through conditioning and fear. Through group processes, including dance expression, loving touch, somatic exercises, and healing hypnosis we deepen the healing and opening to new creativity – We have a chance to learn the joy of responding to life rather than reacting helplessly.

As Osho has shown us in His active meditations, we have the ability to welcome and transform everything through meditation – within our own bodies. Let’s claim our birthright to grow and enjoy this precious life!


October 4
October 7




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