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Celebrate Yourself – Osho Childhood Liberation

March 29 - April 1

Celebrate Yourself - Osho Childhood Liberation

The first weekend of the Part II of the Training

This module is a process which transforms the sufferings of childhood/early life which affect your life now by bringing love into the past, enabling old wounds and false ideas about yourself to dissolve. Then through the magic alchemy of dance and meditation, we rediscover the natural energies we lost touch with as a child to expand, and our individuality to flower and live.

You will be guided through a deeply healing childhood process from the Osho Mystery School called Childhood Liberation. Just like Primal, you need to revisit the past to straighten out what was not right for you as a child, and let go of the burden of trying to be someone you are not – which we all are forced into. But the real healing is in connecting with your innocence and unique essence – that which you came into this life with, and had to leave in order to “grow up” according to others.

The joy of connecting with this essence is what makes it easy to shine light through the false personality and the layers of suffering you took on, without pushing or heavy catharsis.

Coming out of this process you reconnect with your own qualities – such as innocence, courage, and joy. As you dance, your essential qualities expand.




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